Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've been mugged...Mighty Muggs!

Lately I've been totally obsessed with these Hasbro Mighty Muggs. Have you seen them? Lately Hasbro has been doing all kinds of universe crossovers which I consider to be a genius idea and grand thief of my time and money.

The latest universe mash-up is the nerd-hit Mighty Muggs. Currently the line carries characters from Star Wars, Marvel, and Indiana Jones. However very soon, G.I. Joe and Transformers will join them on the shelf.

I'm already trying to save some cash for Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Destro. I'm too much of a sucker for this kind of stuff. So much of a sucker that I've joined in on the huge nerdy custom scene that includes an entourage of artists and wannabes repainting and modifying existing Muggs into characters from He-Man to Bruce Willis to Ninja Turtles.

Not one to be left out, I've created the following concept pieces based on the Muggs form and if I ever get the money and time, I'll actually be buying some blank Muggs and painting these babies! Take a look and drop a line if you think there is some classic character that is just begging to be a Mugg that I need to turn my attention to.

There are so many that I want to do, I'll be adding more as I get time. There are some Street Fighters that will hunt me down and perfect K.O. me if I don't let them out of my head. I think I'll start with Sagat and Ryu.

If you would like to repost any of these images in your own blog or whatever, feel free to! Please just give me a link back or shout out or something (and as always, I'll take cold hard cash if you want.)

Nerds Unite!
Mumm-Ra Mighty Mugg
Zartan Mighty Mugg

He-Man & Battle Cat Mighty Mugg

Man-At-Arms Mighty Mugg

Lion-O Mighty Mugg


Greg said...

Totally awesome! These Mighty Muggs are way better than what is on the market.

tecupio said...

Great! I love the "Man-At-Arms" Mighty Mugg.
Sure I can use it on my website? I will leave it as it is, including your name tag, and give a backlink to your Blog!

Best regards from Hamburg, Germany