Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fan choice Muggs Mock-ups

Mighty Mugg Unicron of Transformers fame
Mighty Mugg Raziel of Legacy of Kain fame
Mighty Mugg Rick Hunter from Robotech
Mighty Mugg Max Sterling from Robotech
Mighty Mugg Marilyn Monroe from movie fame
Mighty Mugg Nick Fury of the Marvel Universe (I love this mugg)

These are from a couple months ago, but its about time that I post them here on my blog where I've meant to be more regular and consistent.  I was hanging out at the Mighty Mugg Nerd Headquarters which is also known as www.custommightymuggs.net and told the minions that I would create mock-ups based on the next 5 suggested characters in me thread.  It was an interesting and eclectic mix.  Here are the results of those suggestions.  I don't even know much about all these characters and I would consider my nerd knowledge pretty high.  Truth is, even I can't play even video game produced or watch every nerd film created (curse the time flow and my lack of mastery over it)

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